DTDA Games is an indie game studio, based in Paris, France.

Our games are like quests to complete, where each of us as a role to play, we are complementary and always work together on every stage of a game.

DTDA team serge strategist


The crazy strategist

Game Designer and projects lover, he's the initial thought of each games, the master of rules and game balance. He's also a good developer for games, websites, applications... Nobody knows how many things and ideas he developped (not even him).

Likes : Drinking Cuba Libre and share ideas.

DTDA team manon artist


The alchemist artist

Passionate about art and design, she's the color master of each games, she gives lives to the characters, creatures, mood, environment... She's always drawing, writing things on her little notebook, look at her amazing work :

Likes : Fencing competitions and drinking tea.

DTDA team marine scribe


The friendly scribe

Dreamer and marketing addict, she spread our games all around the world with passion. If she had not enrolled into a marketing course, she will be have a little garden somewhere with a veggie restaurant, and a van to meet and play with each of you!

Likes : Veggie food and changing her hair every month.