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Apogee is a card management game that takes you to discover the objectives and challenges of the new space.

1 to 5 players - 15 to 120 minutes

from 7 years old

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discovering the New Space

you are in charge of the Apogée space program. As a Mission Director, your role is to achieve your goal on behalf of your business, building the rocket that will take off before your competition. You are free to recruit an outstanding team of engineers as well as to meet the expectations of investors to increase your budget and increase the chances on your side.

Plan the construction of your rocket as you see fit, light and economical or powerful and secure. Each quarter, you will be able to improve your aircraft as well as your team and thus get a little closer to your final goal.

Will you make history remember you or will your destiny be paved with failures?

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book inside

Apogee is a card management and rocket building game, created by game author Sergio Matsumoto in collaboration with Youtubers Hugo and Maxime Lisoir.

Contenu de la boite :

  • 9 mission director cards
  • 66 credit cards
  • 30 engineer cards
  • 20 event cards
  • 20 investor cards
  • 110 technology cards
  • 12 mission cards
  • 20 solo mode cards
  • 11 12-sided dice
  • 5 player boards
  • 5 air launch boards
  • 1 Space Operation Center board
  • 5 help cards