Ready to immerse yourself?

Ready to immerse yourself?

August, 25th 2017

The technique in the video game has evolved greatly, we have known pixelized games (which still have their charm!), 2D, 3D, augmented reality not to mention the best known of the moment: Pokemon Go.

And in recent years also VR: Virtual Reality which is in full expansion able to respond to the desire to multiply the interactions between game and player.

For now, it is mostly possible via our physical sensations thanks to "physiological computing", indeed some work on our movements like Magic Leap, on how we breathe, how our heart beat at Nevermind, or even how our face will react at Affectiva, to determine our emotion and adapt the game according to it, for example: you play at The Witcher 3 and they detected that you are very stressed in front of the Golem, your hero will surely be less able to target correctly the enemy, react quickly as you ask for. This emotional analysis is still limited because fear, stress or anxiety remain the only emotions best recognized for the moment.

You understand, we no longer see the game through the screen in front of us, but we find ourselves in total immersion in the video game, we take the place of our character at Mario Kart or GTA V, we climb with The Climb, we spend a nice time exploring with Xing.

All that makes you dream? But it also a bit freaky.. Indeed it's great to be in the scenery of World of Warcraft, to live the game as if it were there, but would not it become too addictive? And if these universes made us dream so much that we would prefer them to reality? I think this is a point that emerges especially for the RPG / MMORPG kind, what if you’re trapped into the video game ? You can find the subject in the anime Swort Art Online or Log Horizon (both on Netflix).

You can also discover in the series Black Mirror the episode Playtest (if you have Netflix watch the series it’s extra), the story of a player with an implant in his neck linked to his neurological system which makes him "plays" without any barrier between reality and fiction, but in his case the game is adapted to his most buried fears. Terrible or horrible? ;)

Finally, for the moment if you are worried, you are reassured that the interaction with the brain is still very little developed: if we have not lied to us it is mostly being tested for a medical purpose: treatment of phobias, concentration... For example:

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