Pixel Art, who are you?

Pixel Art, who are you?

15 septembre 2017

We talk about it for our video game project: jeu vidéo, But do you know where it comes from? What is it?

Firstly, the word "pixel", which is the smallest element composing a visual, we can play with its color and its luminosity, it is by assembling different pixels that a picture can be formed.

The origins of the small square certainly come from the mosaic, but concerning video games its first exploitation was is in the 70s with this old little game Pong of Atari. The graphics remained very simple at the time because it was realized by programmers (who are not graphic designer ahah, and it isn’t like Photoshop could turn on their PC...). Nevertheless this did not prevent the arrival of first characters design like Pacman, Space Invaders (besides there may be an invasion near you), Mario Bros Arcade ... which are far from being forgotten and have become icons of this "graphic style".

Pac man

It’s in the 90s that pixel art was at its peak, graphic designers and animators arrived in the world of video games, color palettes are more advanced, technology and techniques more advanced too, we find more detailed games like:

It is fortunately - or unfortunately for the pixel - in these following years that the machines increase in power, also in resolutions, the size of a pixel becomes 2 to 3 times smaller and the possibilities of colors multiplied by 1000+.

It is then the arrival of more powerful software allowing to play with the 2D / 3D, to emerge new ways of seeing and processing the image.

Even if it is true that today we have superb games like:

And so many others ... I still remain fan of the games I played few years ago ;) as Secret of Mana (it makes me want to play it again!)

Before finishing this article I forgot to mention the second word "art" .... Then unfortunately or not, it’s because nowadays this method is no longer used, it is only its fans who still make it, like our Manon Stripes :) it is thanks to them that the pixel has become an art!

PS: at this year’s E3, there was a pretty video game in "pixel art" type that was presented, if you missed it is The Last Night

Enjoy :)