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Bitcoin arrives in video games

September, 1st 2017

Many games offer currency exchange systems from their interface, like WoW which has a sales office to exchange gold coins. The currency of Lineage II is called adena, and many games like Paladins use a credit system from which it is possible to increase the capital by paying with real money.

But why use a proprietary exchange system, while free protocols allow ultra-secure transactions?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies seem to be an attractive solution for small publishers wishing to make transactions within their title.

For the neophytes, defines the Bitcoin as an experimental property transfer and verification system based on a peer-to-peer network without any central authority.

There are many currencies derived from the Bitcoin and all based on the Blockchain protocol, such as Litecoin, Ripple or Ethereum.

Blockchain France defines this protocol as an information storage and transmission technology that is transparent, secure and operates without a central control device.

Bitcoin fits well into the videogame’s world, for example, Steam already proposes for more than a year now to buy video games with Bitcoin, via the bitpay system. As for Oyoo, the website offers figurines and goodies under different licenses payable in Bitcoin, and Bitcoinbandit is a game that includes micropayment to progress faster.

So now, when is the possibility to buy items directly in Bitcoin?

It seems very likely that in the next few years the micropayments and the transactions within the games using a cryptocurrency like the Bitcoin will increased, because it’s easy to use, to secure and suitable to the community.

It will be also possible to propose to the players to directly farm real Bitcoins, to organize automatic tournaments, or even to reward the best players with a classification of this currency.

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